No Place for Hate

We are very proud to be a No Place for Hate School.  We have been pat of No Place for Hate for many years, and it is an essential part of our school culture.  Third, fourth, and fifth graders are invited to participate.  Those students in No Place for Hate participate in monthly meetings and present to the whole school community during assemblies.  They work every year on a Resolution of Respect and often teach Emerald students through skits and songs.

We also have a No Place for Hate zone in our library with books that share messages of inclusion and of challenging prejudice and bigotry.

No Place for Hate, a program of the Anti Defamation League, was developed to organize schools to work together and develop projects that enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony among diverse groups. The campaign empowers schools to promote respect for individual and group differences while challenging prejudice and bigotry. Every day we make choices. We can choose to let anti-semitism, racism, and other forms of bigotry go unchallenged and potentially escalate, or we can choose to confront the bias that we see in our workplaces, homes, schools, and communities. As our world becomes smaller and our schools and communities more diverse, it is more critical than ever to actively build bridges to cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect.