English Language Development (ELD)


    ​.​At Emerald, students who qualify for the English Language Development program (ELD) receive support through a co-teaching model.  ELD teachers co-plan and co-teach with classroom teachers in the content area of writing in order to increase students’ access to grade-level content along with English language development.

    How are children identified for the ELD program?

    Every family completes a Home Language Survey when registering for school. If a language other than English is indicated, the child will be given the state’s English language proficiency assessment to determine the level of English proficiency.  Based on these results (and other measures if necessary), the ELD teachers will determine if support in English is necessary. Students who qualify for ELD services are referred to as emerging bilinguals and receive support during the school day.


    How is ELD support delivered?

    Students who qualify for the ELD program (referred to as emerging bilinguals) receive support within the grade level writing content. ELD teachers (certified teachers who have additional training and endorsement in teaching culturally and linguistically diverse students) plan with classroom teachers one day each week and co-teach the remaining four days.  We work together to create opportunities for emerging bilinguals to acquire English through participation in grade level writing instruction that is aligned with state standards. Thus, our goal is to not only develop English proficiency but to make content accessible for students at various levels of English proficiency, build the confidence of students within the classroom community, and foster their participation and engagement.

    How is a student exited from the ELD program?

    Once there is a body of evidence verifying that an emerging bilingual student has acquired proficiency in social and academic English in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, s/he will be redesignated out of the ELD program. Teachers consider a body of evidence to determine English proficiency including: proficiency levels on the state language assessment (ACCESS), district reading and writing assessments, grade level content assessments, and class performance.  After redesignation, a student is monitored for two years by classroom and ELD teachers to ensure that s/he is maintaining English proficiency without additional support.  Following this monitoring period, a student is formally exited from the ELD program.




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