Dragon School

    Dragon School - Emerald’s After School Classes

    Dragon School Program Coordinator:  Ms Shaun Barnes

    720-561-8549          shaun.barnes@bvsd.org

    What is Dragon School:  Dragon School provides classes after school for Emerald students in explore enrichment experiences, get academic support, and build the connection between students, families and school. It is a great opportunity for students to explore their individual interests in a safe, supervised, and supportive environment.  

    Dragon School is not intended to be child care.  There is a child care after school program at Emerald Elementary through BVSD SAC program. They provide care after school until 6:00 pm M-F and have programming on most full days when school is out.  If you are a low income household with working parent/guardian(s), a student, or in the process of job search, you may be eligible for assistance for this program through Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) to help pay the tuition.  Their address is 100 Spader Way in Broomfield, 720-887-2275, rpowers@broomfield.org.   

    How is Dragon School Funded:  Dragon school was funded by a federal grant through the 21st Century Learning Centers from 2012-2016.  This grant was available to us due to our title one status and low test scores.  Over that 5 year period Emerald was able to increase test scores substantially, due much to the Dragon School Program, making Emerald ineligible to re-apply at the end of the five year cycle.  Grants from Whole Kids Foundation, Colorado Health Foundation, Namaste Foundation funded nutrition, leadership and physical fitness classes in 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.  Impact on Education provided 7 classes through their Career Pathways program the second session of 2017/2018.  We have a few other programs which have been offered through Broomfield Library, CU Extensions, Backstory Theater and Thorne Nature Experience at free or reduced costs.   There are also minimal funds available in our school budget that we have allocated to the program due to Title one allocations.

    In the 2017/18 school year we requested a small student donation  to support Dragon School for those who could afford it.  We waived or decreased this fee for anyone who could not afford it. Due to these funds we were able to offer additional classes which we paid instructors and bought supplies for.  These funds will be even more crucial to our success this year due to 16 hours of classes which were provided through Whole Kids and Colorado Health.

    When are classes offered:  Classes are generally offered between 2:30-4:15, Monday through Thursday for two 10 week sessions.  However, not every grade has classes offered every day. There are classes scheduled 2;30-3:25, 3:25-4:15 and some are scheduled the entire period from 2:30-4:15 depending on age and subject matter. The 2018/2019 school year is planning to run classes September 24th-December 6th and Feb 11-April 25th. This may be adjusted forward or backward a week after the school year begins depending on school event dates, preparation time, hiring of staff and finalization of classes.   

    Who is Dragon School for:  The first session is opened to ALL 1st-5th grade students and the second session normally adds Kindergarteners in classes that might be appropriate for their developmental level.  

    What type of classes are offered:  In the past, we have offered classes in art, music, academic support, theatre, leadership, computer science, outdoor ed, science and much more.   Classes do change each session depending on the student interest, availability of funds, access to instructors, space availability in the building,  and staff input.

    How do students register:  A few weeks before each session, a request form is sent home with each student.  Parents/guardians can review this with their student and determine what their interests are.  They then put a 1 by the class that is their first choice, a two by second, etc… A week before classes begin, families receive a confirmation form to confirm what classes they were accepted for to return with their donation.


    How does my student get home:  On the request form you will note whether you want your student to walk home, meet you in the car outside school by office, or be picked up in the entryway.  

    How are students chosen for a class:    Some classes, such as small group tutoring and learning labs are filled by student invitation based on educational needs of students.  Some classes for older students may require a recommendation from their teacher. If there are more students requesting a class than there are spaces available, students are determined by lottery.  intended to be child care. If

    How can families best support Dragon School:   There are so many ways for families to contribute to the success or Dragon School and here are just a few.

    Be an open communicator -

    Let staff know immediately if you have concerns, share your ideas and suggestions  


    Financial Support - whether it is a personal donation or a donation from a business or community member, every dollar helps make a bigger impact.   You may work for or know of an organization who donates to programs who support a special interest such as science, art, music, academic achievement or much more.  There are many organizations who pay their employees to do volunteer work. Let us know if you know of an organization or pursue it on your own.

    Be an instructor or instructor support staff:  If you have a specific talent in a subject you feel our students will be interested, contact Shaun about your idea and become a paid or volunteer instructor or support staff for an instructor.

    Be a Resource:  Help us recruit staff and volunteers with specific talents for a class they could commit to teach once or twice a week. Come on board as a volunteer or paid staff for a class.  Explore opportunities for donations of supplies from organizations.




    Shaun Barnes
    Dragon School Program Director