Dragon School and 21st Century Community Learning Center

    21st Century Community Learning Grant – Emerald Elementary Families

    In 2012, Emerald was awarded a five-year 21st Century Community Learning Center grant to provide educational opportunities to Emerald students and adults in the community. The 2016/2017 school year is the last and fifth year of this Detailed grant information can be found at: http://www.cde.state.co.us/21stcclc.

    Dragon School/Summer Camp Contact Information

    Ms Shaun Barnes

    Dragon School Program Coordinator



    Dragon School

    Dragon School afterschool enrichment generally runs for two 12 week sessions for 11/2 – 2 hours each day after school, Monday – Thursday.  Session dates will be available by the beginning of the school year.  Classes usually begin mid September and again in February.  Some classes, such as small group tutoring are filled by student invitation based on educational needs of students.  Other classes are requested by parents a couple weeks before each session through a registration request form sent home in Friday Folders.  There are typically opportunities for students to get support with homework in addition to enrichment programs around science, art, instrumental music (5th graders), theater, and physical fitness, building reading and math skills.  Students are prioritized by recommendation from  teachers  and then through lottery.  Dragon School is intended to give Emerald students an enrichment experience after school.  It is not intended to be child care.  If your child needs Childcare after school, please contact BVSD School Age Program (SAC) for information.  They provide fee based afterschool care at Emerald Elementary M-F until 6pm.  Full day care is normally offered at a Broomfield Elementary School location.  Low income families may apply for Colorado Childcare Assistance Program for help with fees for the BVSD SAC program.BVSD School Age Care can be reached at 720-561-5974 or deborah.liskey@bvsd.org.

    Dragon School Volunteers Needed

    This is the last year of our grant and the funds available to Emerald are decreased by 40% of the original grant amount and 20% less than last year.  The grant ends on April 30, 2017.  In order to continue to provide the level of programming we have in the past, we will need volunteers to support us in the following areas 1-4 days a week.

    Instructor support: Supporting a Class Instructor provides more spots for students in a class

    Attendance: Checking student attendance & calling home to check on absent students

    Data Entry:– Entering new students in computer system for each session

                          Registering new students

                          Attendance Documentation for each week

    Transition Support:  Helping students get to their Dragon School classroom for first couple weeks of each session

    Summer Camp 2016

    YMCA of Boulder Valley is providing their 5th year of summer camp for 40 students who are registered for BVSD summer school.  Camp is at Aspen Creek this summer, as that is the location for Emerald students' summer school.  Camp runs M-Th 11:30-4:30 and Friday 8:30-4:30 from June 13-July 15, 2016.

    Thorne Nature Experience is providing its 5th year of summer camp for 24 students August 8-12, M-F 8:30-2:30. Students will be dropped off and picked up at Emerald Elementary and then transported to open space locations for programming.

    There is no camp offered in 2017 at this time as the grant ends in April 2017. ​

    Collaborations and Partnerships:

    Dragon School: After-school academic and enrichment programs K-5th grade.

    BVSD Food Service/IM Music/Family Literacy

    YMCA of Boulder Valley - CATCH Summer Camp:

    (2012-2016 Summer Camp Enrichment for 40 BVSD Summer School students)

    Thorne Science Explorers Afterschool – Outdoor education program on nature/ecology

    Thorne Nature Experience Summer Camp: 2012-2016

    Family Literacy: Instruction for evening English and GED classes for adults

    Love and Logic: Materials for parenting classes

    Namaste – 5th grade girls club

    Thorne Science Explorers – Afterschool and Summer Camp week 2012-2016


    Broomfield County

    Kid's Hope

    Boulder Rotary – Peaceful Schools Partnership

    Backstory Theatre


    Regis University​


    Shaun Barnes
    Dragon School Program Director