Physical Education

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Meet our Physical Education Teacher/s

Timothy Chavez

Job Title: Teacher
Titles: Teacher, PE
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-8522

Mr. Chavez's Basic Philosophy:

Have fun, treat each other with respect, be safe, try hard and develop a positive attitude about physical activity as a lifelong endeavor.

Jammin Minute Videos

Athletic Shoes: Please have your student ready to move in the best way possible.  Soft soled shoes that stay on tight are necessary for safe and sure footing. 

Drink and Bathroom policy: Drinks are allowed whenever the student would like to get one as long as they use common sense on the best time to get water.  I ask that they not leave the room to get a drink when direct instruction is happening.  The same is true with the bathroom.  I have one pass for the bathroom so as to discourage students from leaving to go to the bathroom in groups.  Emergencies are ALWAYS an exception. 

Injuries or Illness:  Please contact me if there is a need to hold your student out of class so I am aware of the situation.