No Place For Hate


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    Emerald Students Win NPFH Art Contest

    Emerald is proud to be a No Place For Hate School

    We had a very exciting and packed year at Emerald with our No Place for Hate Program!  Here are the highlights from last year:
    Our principal went into every classroom to teach her “Don’t Hurt a Heart” lesson.   This lesson helps students learn that it is important to “think before we speak or act” because it is hard to erase hurt once it happens.  
    All teachers taught their students about “B.E.S.T.” which stands for (Body, Eye Contact, Speech and Tone).  The various actions are taught, defined, modeled and practiced so that they can be at their “BEST” while being a student at Emerald.
    We had a group of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students that participated in a NPFH group that taught them how to be leaders and allies to each other and to others in our community.  
    We are very proud to be a No Place for Hate school and want to thank students, staff, families and community members for all they do to support this important message!


    Positive Impact! Tools for Respecting Differences.  Check out two great ADL resources for making a Positive Impact! in your school.  The Positive Impact! Tools for Respecting Differences Calendar (PDF) has many activity ideas and a glossary of religious and cultural observances.  101 Ways To Make a Positive Impact (PDF) includes ideas you can implement in your school, home, community or place of worship.
    For more information and details of the campaign, take a look at the Steps for Becoming a No Place for Hate® School (PDF) or our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).
    Students from schools participating in the No Place for Hate initiative are encouraged to enter the Art Event creative expression contest!  The contest is an opportunity for students to submit original artwork that conveys their experiences and feelings about imagining a world without hate.  For details about the contest and how to enter, click here. 


    For more information on No Place for Hate visit the website at:​​​